The 7 Best Fincas For Your Mallorca Wedding

December 1, 2023

Jose Antonio Zamora Roldán

Destination wedding

Mallorca is one of the most romantic places in Spain for a wedding, if not the world! Part of the Balearic Islands, Mallorca is a fantastic Mediterranean destination, renowned for its sparkling blue beaches, wineries, and historic estates, or fincas. And if you’re dreaming of a destination celebration on the island, here are the best fincas for your Mallorca wedding.

What is a finca in Mallorca? In Spain, a finca is a country estate or ranch. They’re grand, expansive spaces and are dotted throughout the island. They’re also one of my favorite types of wedding venues! Each one is rustic, with hundreds of years of history, and they’re always oh so romantic — with dreamy outdoor spaces offering flexibility to curate any type of destination wedding. 

I do recommend you reserve your preferred Mallorca finca as early as possible though, as popular options can get booked in the peak spring and summer months far in advance. 

I just know you’ll love these gorgeous properties, the most romantic finca wedding venues in Mallorca.

1. Finca Els Calderers 

If you’re searching for a finca wedding venue in Mallorca that’s rich in history and serene elegance, you’ll love Els Calderers. Finca Els Calderers is the ultimate in Spanish heritage, complete with working farms, dating back to 1285. 

Located near the village of Sant Joan, this grand stone mansion and farmlands are now a museum, but are also available for weddings and private functions — such a special place to celebrate your love! Say your vows along the venue’s ancient cobblestone walkway, a charming and unique outdoor ceremony location, then dine and dance the night away under the stars.

Your Finca Els Calderers wedding will be so magical, with elegant furnishings, ivy-covered stonework, and exceptional hospitality, all of which help to create that stunning, cinemagraphic feel for your wedding photography. It’s also sure to impress your guests with its exceptional hospitality and history. 

2. Finca Serena

A Finca Serena wedding couldn’t be more convenient — this gorgeous country estate, with rolling hills of vineyards and lavender, is only 20 minutes away from Mallorca’s main city of Palma. 

Everything about Finca Serena exudes romance and luxury, from the on-site spa to their award-winning restaurant, headed by a Michelin-starred chef. Of course, your beautiful celebrations will be just as special, with the option to dine in a stunning glass conservatory, draped in greenery, or toast to your love — al fresco style — on long tables amongst the vineyards. 

It’s easily the best Mallorca finca wedding venue for couples looking for authenticity, fine dining, and elegance. There are also 25 rooms and suites on the property, all in a soft and inviting neutral color palette,  evoking relaxation from the moment you walk in! 

As your Mallorca wedding photographer, I’ll help you maximize the spaces and daylight to create the most passionate imagery from your big day as we shoot at Finca Serena’s beautiful poolside deck, sunset in the vineyards, or indoors amongst the contemporary minimalist decor. 

3. Finca Biniagual

Finca Biniagual is one of the best Mallorca wedding venues for wine! They produce very high quality Mallorcan wines, along with olive oil, so you and your guests will definitely eat and drink well at your destination wedding! This sprawling property offers relaxed luxurious hospitality and has such a welcoming feel to it. 

Biniagual is one of the best fincas for your Mallorca wedding for couples looking for something traditional, offering inviting hospitality. A Finca Biniagual wedding is exclusive use for your party and is ideal for larger celebrations, as the property is so large. It’s complete with an on-site chapel, or there are also several stunning gardens and courtyards where you can say your vows. 

With hundreds of years of history, brightly colored lemon and lime groves, and a charming historic courtyard, you truly feel like you’re in the heart of the Mediterranean when you’re visiting Finca Biniagual! It truly gives off those romantic, ethereal wedding vibes that Spain is so famous for. 

4. Finca Binissatí 

Daydreaming of a fairytale finca wedding in Mallorca, set in the forest? Finca Binissatí delivers this, and much more — it’s an award-winning venue set in the center of the island that dates back more than 500 years. 

This family-run finca is a spectacular wedding venue, still operating with an emphasis on traditional agriculture, local cuisine, and genuine hospitality. The historic forest is one of the most beautiful places for an outdoor ceremony, then celebrate into the night in this historic property, offering country charm and bucolic views of the finca’s farms and orchards. 

There are also plenty of unique experiences for you and your guests to enjoy, such as private yoga, aromatherapy workshops, or organic picnics. 

Finca Binissatí wedding photos are filled with light and nature, with plenty of gorgeous gardens and woodland spaces to take your couples’ portraits. The golden sunset light is particularly beautiful here too! 

5. Finca Son Togores 

Finca weddings are popular because they’re so romantic, and Finca Son Togores definitely takes the cake if you’re looking for a dreamy, inspiring venue! This luxury estate, with neo-baroque and classical design, dates back to 1891 and is set at the foothills of the Sierra de Tramontana mountains. There’s a stunning little chapel on the property, the ideal place to have your quintessentially Spanish ceremony. 

With immaculate gardens and terraces and groves of almond trees (and even a herd of sheep!) there are several wonderful spaces to enjoy. I love Fountain Terrace, the ideal place for afternoon lunch or drinks with an old-world ambiance, or the Living Room is a great choice for an indoor meal. You’ll fall in love with Las Encinas, the property’s large oak trees, as a serene place for an outdoor ceremony too!

As your destination wedding photographer in Mallorca, I’ll ensure your Finca Son Togores wedding photos encapsulate the beauty, elegance, and Spanish architecture of this wonderful location. This venue is truly a natural oasis, so I highly recommend it to anyone who’d love to enjoy both their ceremony and reception outdoors. 

6. Finca Son Mir  

A Finca Son Mir wedding is going to be a dream come true! Only ten minutes from Palma, this luxury destination dates to the 17th century and was built in the traditional style of the island, but has been fully restored in recent years.

Despite being so close to the city, you feel completely relaxed within Finca Son Mir, with ample space for you and your guests to enjoy solitude and the beauty of being immersed in nature. The idyllic palm garden is a top choice for your outdoor reception, but there are also several beautiful places for your ceremony. 

You can definitely arrange a bohemian-style wedding here easily, customizing the vast outdoor spaces to perfectly suit your personality. With accommodation available, it’s also easy for you and your guests to maximize their time, with plenty of walks and sightseeing opportunities in the area as well. 

7. Finca Comassema

For a truly luxurious finca wedding in Mallorca, consider Finca Comassema. Located in a valley in the cute village of Orient, so you could host your ceremony in the clastra, a traditional Mallorcan courtyard, as it has some of the best views of the mountains and rolling hills that the region is famous for. 

It’s also a place of historical importance, with written records of Finca Comassema dating back to the 13th century — the idea of tying your love story into a place with such rich history is so beautiful! It’s particularly lovely in spring, as all the flowers and gardens will be in bloom. 

There’s also a large water reservoir at this finca, its beautiful reflections perfect for creating unique wedding photography. You can also host your reception surrounded by the water, creating a beautiful atmosphere when the gardens and courtyards are softly lit when the sun sets. 

We’ll get such spectacular sunlight here, especially in the summer months, so we can create light and airy photography that captures the love and energy of your relationship.


With so many breathtaking fincas for your Mallorca wedding, I know it can be hard to decide! My suggestion is to select the one that really calls to you, a magical and serene place where you can easily see yourself celebrating and sharing special moments with your loved ones. 

If you’re ready to get started, I can’t wait to help you bring your wedding dreams to life. Please connect with me to start planning your beautiful destination wedding photography in Mallorca. 

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