Getting Married In Mallorca? Here’s Everything You Need To Know

October 17, 2023

Jose Antonio Zamora Roldán

Destination wedding

If you’re dreaming of a Mediterranean fairy tale wedding, getting married in Mallorca might be just what you need! This stunning Spanish destination is the largest of the Balearic Islands, known not only for its incredible beaches, but also its vibrant art and culture scene, Roman and Moorish architecture, and a romantic, cosmopolitan energy that’s just perfect for love, weddings, and relaxation. 

You’ll find plenty of amazing Mallorca wedding venues too, whether you’re looking for a small, intimate beach wedding or a grand fiesta in one of the island’s unique luxury hotels or villas. And the fun you can have here — imagine relaxing together on your private catamaran as the sun sets, sharing an afternoon with friends and family at a local winery, or even eloping on a hot air balloon, lifting your love to new heights! 

Here’s everything you need to know about planning a destination wedding in Mallorca, the ideal destination for true love. 

What’s The Best Time Of The Year To Get Married In Mallorca?

With a mild and sunny Mediterranean climate, you can get married here any time of the year, but March through May is always a winner — it’s not too hot yet and the summer crowds haven’t yet arrived. Of course, if you’re dreaming of a beach wedding in Mallorca, you might love the vibrant energy and golden sunshine that July and August bring!

Getting married in Mallorca in September and October can mean fewer crowds (and lower venue pricing!), but the weather is still beautifully pleasant. 

With Mallorca being so focused on the outdoors, a wedding here is ideal for active, energetic couples who want an event with a chic, cosmopolitan flair, world-class food, and local wines for their guests. 

And, with such a rich history, Mallorca is best appreciated by those who love history and culture, visiting the grand Santa María Cathedral or touring some of the island’s ancient stone villages, dotted throughout the spectacular countryside. 

What Are Some Of The Best Things To Do In Mallorca?

For a destination wedding, of course, you want to make sure there is plenty for your guests to do! This is one reason why I love Mallorca — it really offers something for everyone! Shop, people watch, or linger over an afternoon cocktail on a Palma patio (the nightlife here is incredible!), catch some sun by your private resort pool, or plan a fun outdoor activity that you can all enjoy as a group.

Mallorca is known for its spectacular sea caves, easily explored by catamaran, or spend a day exploring the history of Alcudia Old Town or Castell de Bellver — the whole island is just dripping in fascinating heritage buildings and charming cobblestoned streets. 

The beaches here are also some of the best, with so many secret bays and inlets where you can go for a swim or snorkel. Some of the most popular beaches in Mallorca include Cala Deià, Cala Torta, and Platja de Alcúdia, with sparkling turquoise water, sandy beaches, and serene views. 

Consider planning a fun outing for all of your guests the day after they arrive, a special way for everyone to connect and get into the Mallorca spirit ahead of your celebrations! 

What Do You Need To Get Married In Mallorca?

As a foreigner, you can absolutely get married in Mallorca! However, there are just a few things you need to know that are unique for Mallorca, as different regions of Spain operate in their own way. 

Can I legally get married in Mallorca? The answer is yes, but only if you’re a legal resident of the island (generally this means you’ve lived there at least two years) or if you’re Roman Catholic and desire to be married within the Roman Catholic Church. For Roman Catholic weddings, a bit of prep and paperwork is required ahead of time, so you’ll need to reach out to the Bishop of the Diocese where you’ll marry to get started. 

Otherwise, you’ll need to legally get married in your home country before or after your ceremony. However, this is a very popular option with many couples and it certainly won’t take away any of the beauty or romance of your celebrations! A symbolic ceremony is a meaningful and personal way to unite your lives together, kicking off wedded bliss with a passionate kiss in one of the most stunning parts of Spain! 

Whether or not your ceremony will be legally binding, there are many talented wedding planners who can help you bring your vision to life, also beneficial for hiring local vendors like a florist or officiant. A non-binding ceremony also gives you much more freedom to hold your ceremony anywhere, whether that’s on a quiet beach, at a charming rustic villa, or on top of a mountain — there are so many charming places to get married in Mallorca!

You can also add plenty of special touches to make it more unique, like bringing along images of relatives who couldn’t be there, visiting local markets to source fresh pastries for your guests, or creating a signature drink for your reception, like a sangria de cava or agua de valencia. 

I’m based in Spain, so as a destination wedding photographer in Mallorca, I’m glad to answer any of your questions about planning your beautiful adventure on the island!

Type Of Weddings In Mallorca That You’ll Absolutely Love 

As your Mallorca wedding photographer, I am so excited to help you plan your wedding — the energy of the island is always so contagious, it’s impossible to not feel happy, relaxed, and settle into the slower-paced Mediterranean life.

This means Mallorca is just perfect for a low-key and simple wedding, with so many locations where you and your small group can unwind, spend quality time together, and you can say your vows in an intimate setting. 

However, around Palma, the capital, you’ll also find super luxury resorts that just ooze romance, so it’s also ideal for high-end resort weddings that offer European charm and elegance — but also super close to sparkling turquoise beaches!

Best Wedding Venues In Mallorca

If you’re ready to start planning (yes!), here are a few of my favorite large and small wedding venues in Mallorca. I love that each one is unique, completely charming, and offers spectacular locations for your wedding photography, ensuring your treasured imagery will have that quintessential Mallorca flair — warm, romantic, and vibrant, telling your story just as it unfolded. 

Osa Major 

Imagine a private, bohemian wedding, soaked in sunshine, luxury, and surrounded by idyllic, rolling hills — Osa Major delivers all of that and more! It almost gives Tuscany vibes and is such a great location for an intimate wedding villa in Mallorca. 

It’s an inland venue, towards the middle of the island, and their ethos is all about connecting with nature and boho glam — say your vows barefoot, feast on delicious local farm-to-table cuisine, and organize a morning yoga class for your guests before you dance and toast under the moonlight— so charming! Owned by a couple who fell in love with the location, Osa Major is named after the Great Bear constellation and they truly aim to make the entire space an outdoor oasis. 

It’s really one of those relaxed and inviting locations where you just won’t want to leave when your visit comes to an end!

Your Osa Major wedding photography here will be bright, airy, and rustic — think flowing white linen, sun-washed stone, and golden hour at sunset overlooking the mountains or the private infinity pool. Osa Major has that relaxed, Mediterranean feel, all of which will come across in your photography. 

Finca Serena

A finca is a Spanish ranch, or country estate, with Finca Serena being truly one of the best for a lux celebration. Your Finca Serena wedding will truly have the best of both worlds — you and your guests are only 20 minutes from Palma, making it one of my favorite Palma de Mallorca wedding venues, but you’ll relax in a quiet country estate, surrounded by vineyards and lavender. 

Finca Serena is all about understated luxury and wellness, so you’ll love their well-appointed spa for a pre-wedding massage — and the food is some of the best too, with their award-winning Jacaranda restaurant run by a two-Michelin starred chef. 

Since this venue specifically caters to weddings, their team makes it easier than ever to plan your dream day, even from overseas. They have a range of indoor and outdoor spaces to choose from, all made from natural, organic materials to create a seamless indoor to outdoor transition. One of the most breathtaking is their glass conservatory, creating an alfresco feel indoors. I also love the olive terrace, a relaxing outdoor courtyard with epic views where you and your guests can enjoy an aperitif before sitting down for dinner. 

With a timeless and elegant, but unpretentious style, Finca Serena wedding photography will perfectly complement your event!

Cap Rocat

Okay, let’s talk luxury — Cap Rocat is not just a jaw-droppingly gorgeous resort, but it’s also a place of great historical importance. Cap Rocat was originally built as an ancient fortress to protect the Bay of Palma but is now an award-winning hotel offering privacy, marvelous architecture that beautifully matches the landscape, and an oasis of calm. 

It’s right by the sea, so Cap Rocat weddings are ideal for outdoor-loving couples who want an oceanfront venue offering some of Mallorca’s best hospitality. The oceans and area around the property are all designated as a Spanish Natural Area of Special Interest, so not only is it an amazing location for birdwatching, but the entire property has sustainability as its primary focus, using organic produce in each restaurant and protecting the cultural heritage of the region — so beautiful!

Cap Rocat wedding photography is straight out of Vogue — literally, they’ve been featured there! Architecturally, the property seamlessly combines historic structures with both the landscape and newer design, so it’s the ideal backdrop for couples looking for a dramatic, editorial flair — but minimalist enough in that you’ll never be outshined by your surroundings. 

Sun Boutique 

For a small wedding in Mallorca, I can highly recommend one of the villas owned by Sun Boutique. They represent a wide range of gorgeous villas that can be privately rented for your destination wedding, some self-catering and others on a bed and breakfast basis — but all offering Spanish luxury at its best. 

The beautiful thing about renting your own villa is it truly offers private relaxation for you and your guests, whether you want to say your vows outside by your pool or plan your ceremony along a nearby beach. A villa often works out to be more affordable than a resort, so it can be a great option for luxury on a budget. 

Speaking of, how much does it cost to get married in Mallorca? The answer is really going to vary based on the wedding size, location, and venue, but keep in mind there are lots of free or lower-cost ways to host your ceremony, such as saying your vows along the beach. I’m glad to assist with suggestions for Mallorca weddings, depending on your budget. 

Sun Boutique focuses on luxury summer villa rentals in dream European destinations, like Mallorca, so a Sun Boutique wedding is great for couples who want a secluded space where they can connect with friends or family. Visit a local market and cook up a beautiful spread each night, or hire a private chef to visit for a gourmet Spanish dinner — don’t forget the vino!


I am so excited to hear more about your Mallorca plans, so please get in touch to start planning your destination wedding adventure! 

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