Elegant ethereal wedding in Spain

February 13, 2023

Jose Antonio Zamora Roldán

Destination wedding

Romantic wedding in Spain

Romantic editorial wedding in Andalusia

I have seen many couples in love through my years doing weddings. But few, looked at each other like Gabby & Victor.

An intimate destination wedding, from New York to Spain, to celebrate with their friends and family that love that crosses their skin.

They chose, southern Spain for their wedding. In a hacienda in the middle of the Andalusian countryside, between lakes and olive groves, bathed by white villages. Their wedding was intimate, natural and editorial.

Full of Roman details, exuberant flowers and the elegance of champagne glasses shining under the sky. All the decor was ethereal, created by the talented mind of Open the Door, like something out of a dream that took their wedding to another level. Sensual, elegant and romantic, almost in perfect balance.

This is a summary of that day. Without order, because just like love, chaos is also part of everything we are.

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