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Why is it important to connect?

Where I travel to?

How do I deliver my work?

I enjoy traveling more than anything. And the cool thing is my work has enabled me to discover love all over the world. I can go wherever you decide to get married or elope, it doesn't matter how remote it is, I'll follow without a moment of hesitation.

No two weddings are alike. The way I work is based on what you’re like and what you want to transmit. I adapt myself to your personality - if you're a bit shy I won't make you jump and get all crazy, but if you're a party animal, then let’s rock and roll!

I’m passionate about people.

Each couple has a different way of working.

What’s included?

All my packages include coverage of the whole day and between 600 to 1000 edited photos in HD and ready to print without watermarks. For further details you can check out my packages.

I love getting to know my couples to understand their backstory to retell it through a collection of images.

I never approach two couples the same way. Photography needs connection, intimacy and creativity. These are the pillars of my work.

When we will get the photos?


How far should we book you in advance?

I respect diversity, culture, traditions, sexuality and deeply believe love is love.

Most of my clients book me more than a year in advance, sometimes even two. But there are also some spontaneous requests. The sooner you reach out, the better the chances are that your date is still available in my calendar.

The photos will be delivered to you up to three months after the event. The days following the wedding I edit a few photos of the best moments to send out to you as I know how excited my couples are to get a sneak peak.