5 Tips To Make Your Lake Como Wedding Really Unique

April 22, 2024

Jose Antonio Zamora Roldán

Destination wedding

The deep blue shores of Lake Como have long attracted visitors to explore its charming towns, historic villas, and rich history, but it’s also one of Italy’s most romantic wedding destinations! A Lake Como wedding is always going to be unforgettable, but you can add a few special touches to make it even more special!

Here are a few unique Lake Como wedding ideas that you and your guests will love. 

1. Getting Married In Lake Como Is Better With Fireworks 

As night falls over Lake Como, there’s one amazing way that you can truly make an entrance — fireworks! A destination wedding in Lake Como is so much fun with fireworks or sparklers, which can be perfectly timed to your reception entrance, first dance, or cake cutting. Or, thank all of your guests for attending by concluding your reception with an unforgettable fireworks show.

The vibrant background of fireworks can also add such a fun and passionate element to your wedding photography — imagine a dramatic kiss, illuminated by the energy of your light show! Fireworks can often be synced to music too, if you want to incorporate them into a dance. 

Fireworks can be arranged by your venue, but not all venues can offer this — if it’s important to you, ask your villa or resort before booking if this is something they can arrange. 

2. Indulge In A Limoncello Tower

One of the most popular Lake Como wedding tips is to add a limoncello tower to your reception! Many weddings have champagne towers, but for a quintessential Italian twist, you can swap this for limoncello!

Limoncello is an Italian lemon-flavored liqueur and a popular after-dinner drink, so offering it to your guests would be such a fun surprise, plus they’d love photographing and videoing the experience. 

Or, as an alternative, you could create a signature cocktail for your wedding using limoncello, such as a limoncello spritz or lemon drop martini. 

3. For Luxury Weddings In Lake Como, Just Add Water Taxis

Most of the best Lake Como wedding venues are on the water, so if you’re wondering how to plan a unique Lake Como wedding, just add boats! Water taxis or speedboats are easy to charter along the lake, something your venue or wedding planner can assist with, and they add such a fun element to your day. 

You could set up a groom entrance to your ceremony via water taxi or we could go out on a speedboat for a private couples wedding shoot, prosecco in hand. As your destination wedding photographer in Lake Como, I know we’ll capture some fun and romantic photos with a quintessential Italian vibe.

Or, you could also plan a special pre-wedding boat tour of the lake for your guests the day before the wedding, a special way to welcome them to your celebrations. 

4. Kick Off Your Reception With Male Tenors

Italy has produced some of the world’s most talented tenors, or classically trained male singers. To add a unique Italian element to your wedding, you could start your celebrations with a private performance by a local Lake Como tenor. It’s possible to hire one, or several tenors, to provide a live show for your guests — even better if it’s a surprise! 

Your local wedding planner can assist with this, an ideal addition for couples who love music and art. The power and passion of live opera music can be so beautifully emotional too. 

5. Treat Your Guests To A Michelin-Star Experience 

Lake Como is renowned for its delectable cuisine, which traditionally includes seafood, meat, and cheeses. As an unforgettable way to thank your guests for traveling to attend your wedding, why not treat them to a pre-wedding meal in one of the area’s Michelin-starred restaurants?

There are many starred restaurants dotted around the lake, offering both innovative and traditional takes on Northern Italian delicacies. Imagine the fun of catching up with loved ones as you share one of Lake Como’s best meals, indulge in local wines, and laugh and connect – a beautiful start to your destination wedding! 

Many restaurants offer private rooms as well, ideal for larger groups. The food scene in Lake Como is incredibly popular with visitors, so be sure to book well in advance. 


I hope this inspires you to start thinking about your destination wedding, but my guide to planning your Lake Como wedding is also always there for you. Please reach out if you’re ready to start planning your destination wedding photography! 

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