How To Pull Off An Epic Destination Wedding In Puglia

November 2, 2023

Jose Antonio Zamora Roldán

Destination wedding

If your idea of romance involves sunshine, beaches, and Mediterranean charm, you might love a destination wedding in Puglia. This southern region of Italy (if you think of Italy as a boot, Puglia is the heel) is truly a hidden gem just made for a summer wedding! 

Puglia is known for pristine, clear water, stunning beaches, idyllic rolling hills, incredible vineyards and cuisine, and ancient history. Whitewashed towns, lots of Baroque architecture, and olive trees round off that relaxing Italian vibe that you find here, plus delicious Southern Italian cuisine — seafood, lots of tomatoes and fresh flavors, and scrumptious pasta!

Weddings in Puglia are just ideal for couples looking for an idyllic escape to somewhere warm, sunny, and lesser-known. Puglia is starting to become popular, compared to beloved destinations like Rome and Tuscany, and you’ll find plenty of charming towns, islands, and even sea caves to provide plenty of excitement for you and your guests. 

If you crave romantic sunset sailing on the Adriatic Sea, want to explore extravagant churches and villas, and love the beautiful sandstone cliffs of the Med, then a relaxed Puglia wedding might be just what you desire for your special day. 

In that case, it’s time to say hello to sunshine and lingering afternoons of prosecco and romance, because here’s how to plan a destination wedding in Puglia!

What Is The Wedding Season In Puglia?

The popular summer months, with their long, languid days and warm sea temperatures, mean many couples love the idea of a June or July wedding. There are plenty of gorgeous Puglia beach wedding venues to enjoy, but just be aware that the height of summer tends to be the most crowded and brings peak-season pricing. 

If you’re willing to consider September or even early October, you may find slightly fewer crowds, but you should still have warm weather — this is perhaps the best time of the year to get married in Puglia. 

Or, for something slightly different, winter in Puglia can bring far fewer crowds and a mild climate. While some tourist businesses will close up shop for the winter months, autumn and winter can offer an authentic experience, with far fewer tourists. The Southern Med climate is enjoyable all year round, so you have a lot of flexibility when planning your destination wedding in Puglia!

What Do You Need To Get Married In Puglia?

Can foreigners get married in Puglia? Great news — yes, non-Italians can have a legal wedding within Italy, there is just some advance preparation required. Both civil and religious weddings are recognized within Puglia. 

If you’re planning a religious Catholic ceremony, in a church, then you’ll also require additional paperwork. You may wish to contact your local priest to get the process started, as these wedding types can take longer to plan, so I’d allow at least six months. 

To get married in Italy, both parties must be either single, divorced, or widowed, and two witnesses are required. You’ll also need to bring along some documentation, including your passport or ID and birth certificate, but you can also contact the Italian consulate in your home country to get more information about the process.

Your consulate can assist with providing another required document, the nulla osta, or certificate of no impediments, which verifies that you’re both legally able to wed. Then, you’ll need to sign an affidavit, the atto notorio, in the presence of two witnesses. This is done prior to your wedding and gives you legal permission to marry in Puglia. 

I promise it’s not as complicated as it sounds, but to make things less stressful, begin the process at least a few months ahead of your wedding date. Or, if it all sounds like too much, you can have an official wedding ceremony in your home country, then have your Puglia celebrations as a symbolic wedding. Both are completely valid options, so go with what makes the most sense to you. 

A Destination Wedding In Puglia, Curated Just For You

With sparkling beaches and serene countryside landscapes, Puglia can suit a variety of wedding types. After choosing your time of year, think about your location — the Puglia region is a stand-out choice for a rustic chic countryside wedding, with plenty of villas and farm stays to choose from. However, you’ll also find plenty of beachfront options for a fun and relaxed summer wedding, shoes optional! 

When selecting a venue, I know it can be tricky if you’re overseas, but I recommend trusting your heart — find a location that really sings to you, a place where you’ll feel comfortable, happy, and relaxed with your loved ones! 

Of course, speaking to the venue, looking at images, and reading third-party reviews will help, but hiring a Puglia wedding planner can also make a huge difference. Your planner is local to the region and knows all of the venues inside and out, so they can help you select one that will suit your personality, interest, and budget. 

You can also add plenty of exciting activities for you and your guests to enjoy while visiting, as there’s so much to enjoy in Puglia. For example, consider planning a fun welcome activity once everyone arrives, such as a private boat tour to some of Puglia’s famous sea caves, lunch at an olive orchard (Puglia is known for its incredible vegetarian cuisine), or a wine tasting and vineyard visit. 

Best Wedding Venues In Puglia, Made For Romance 

If you want to get married in Puglia, here are some of the best venues to consider! From rustic glam to luxury resorts, you can really find a style to suit just about any wedding. I love that these venues are stylish, elegant, and offer traditional Southern Italian charm! 

Oh, and wherever you stay, know that Puglia is famous for its olive oil production — so you’ll eat well at any of these incredible villas, buon appetito! Each option below will also offer gorgeous locations for your wedding photography, the perfect backdrop for your first dance, slicing the cake, and making lifelong memories with those who matter most to you. 

Many Italian villas can be hired out for private use and offer spaces for both your ceremony and reception — plus, most have accommodation on site, which is so convenient for you and your bridal party and family. Your venue or wedding planner can also assist with airport pickups if needed, with the cities of both Bari and Brindisi offering the most convenient access to the Puglia region. 

Masseria Potenti

In Italy, a masseria is a type of fortified farmhouse, or sprawling walled property — most date back hundreds of years. You’ll find many around Southern Italy, with Masseria Potenti being one of my top wedding villas in Puglia. 

Masseria Potenti, in Manduria, is an architecturally stunning villa, with chic whitewashed walls, luxury four-poster beds in each suite, and delicious farm-to-table cuisine, all curated to help guests relax and enjoy the slow pace of countryside life. 

A Masseria Potenti wedding is going to be classic and beautiful, with the villa offering several spaces for both your ceremony and reception, like the sunlight-drenched Agavi Portico.

With a warm breeze blowing white linen curtains, decadent floral arrangements, and original 16th-century fortifications, there’s a reason this location is often used for editorial photo shoots! With exceptionally unique style, this masseria is just perfect for a luxury wedding in Puglia — there’s nowhere else quite like it anywhere. 

Masseria San Domenico

Masseria San Domenico dates back to the 15th century, originally built as a watchtower. Today, it’s a boutique-style villa with a few incredibly impressive features that you’ll love, including a freeform saltwater swimming pool and a thalassotherapy wellness center, an Eastern-inspired spa that’s all about using the healing properties of the sea in their treatments. 

It’s one of the best Puglia wedding venues for a beachside wedding, as you’ll be just steps from the Adriatic Coast and will also have exclusive beach access to the sparkling turquoise San Domenico mare, where we can also take dreamy wedding portraits at golden hour — the pastel sunset is so romantic!

A Masseria San Domenico wedding is glamorous and exclusive, with sole use of the space available between April and November. Their indoor spaces feature vaulted white ceilings and contemporary stylings, while their dreamy outdoor patios and Beach Club offer a stylish, nautical theme. 

Masseria Muntibianchi

Say your vows outdoors at Masseria Muntibianchi’s elegant courtyard, laugh, dine, and toast into the night under Masseria Munticianchi’s ancient olive trees, then dive into your private pool the next morning — this villa is gorgeous and conveniently located in the town of Otranto. 

This venue is all about rustic luxury and agritourism, making it a great choice for foodie couples who want to savor local organic cuisine, share a glass of wine with their loved ones next to the grand stone fireplace, or enjoy a restorative Turkish bath or massage. 

Your Masseria Muntibianchi wedding photography is going to have a fresh, light, and airy feel, the ideal backdrop for capturing all of the candid beauty and fun of your celebrations! As your destination wedding photographer in Puglia, I can also plan locations nearby to your resort where we can capture romantic images of you and your beloved together. 

Masseria Angiulli Piccolo

Masseria Angiulli Piccolo is a stunningly restored farmhouse and vineyard that dates back to the 18th century. It can sleep around 12 guests, so it would be a great choice for a small destination wedding in Puglia.

You’ll be surrounded by olive trees and vineyards here, which is just so idyllic and relaxing. The villa is only a few minutes away from Grottaglie, a charming little village famous for its ceramics. 

With a large swimming pool and a clean white aesthetic, a Masseria Angiulli Piccolo wedding is both contemporary and traditional. The venue offers great wedding packages too, with a range of indoor and outdoor spaces – accompanied by organic produce, plus local olive oil and wine, of course! I love the expansive lawn and large courtyard for outdoor celebrations, both ideal for wedding photos as well. 

You’ll love the authentic luxury of a wedding here, as this location is also known as a relaxing nature retreat. I can feel the stress floating away already! 

Tenuta Tresca

A Tenuta Tresca wedding truly feels like a fairytale come to life — it’s an absolutely stunning Italian villa known for its enchanted forest, a serene and wonderful wooded area with a clearing for an outdoor ceremony. Say vows surrounded by twinkling flights, floral arches, and the beautiful sounds of the forest — as your Puglia wedding photographer, let me just tell you now how incredible this will look!

Then, enjoy a cocktail hour in the olive grove before moving into the grand Banqueting Room or Square of the Tree, a grand courtyard, for your reception. As this venue specializes in luxury weddings and events, you can rest assured that their experienced team will organize everything you need, from delicious cuisine to entertainment, plus all of the little details that mean so much on your big day. 

With such grand spaces, a wedding here is ideal for large, traditional weddings where you really want to create a magical outdoor environment for you and your guests to enjoy. It’s also near to Lecce, a gorgeous city known for its cathedral and baroque architecture, so I’d recommend planning to spend a day here exploring!


Now that you know more about how to get married in Puglia Italy, it’s time to start planning your celebrations! If you have questions about your wedding photography in Puglia, or elsewhere in Italy, I’d be so happy to assist — please get in touch and we can start creating beautiful photography magic together!

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