Gypsy boho-chic session in an old castle | Felicity and Olly

May 6, 2019

Jose Antonio Zamora Roldán



Instead of grand windows now stood large empty spaces in the crumbling sand-coloured walls, the afternoon sun lay low in the sky casting a warm glow straight through the abandoned castle and onto the front lawn.

The Spring had been kind to the wildflowers that swayed softly in the wind there. Felicity and Olly, moved towards the castle hand in hand, slowly making their way through the tall grass. Olly dressed in black silk trousers, a gold embroidered black shirt and a dark floral jacket. Felicity rocked a dreamy bohemian gown adorned with tassels that floated in the slightest breeze, her long sleeves danced behind her and the gold floral prints on her dress shimmered in the evening light.

They stopped in front of the castle, where they would elope, and looked at each other. A single moment had led them to this place, a moment that neither one of them thought could change their life so profoundly. But it had. And they were here. And this is what happened…


Wp: Open the Door Video: Ivan Monagas Weddings Flowers: Andaluflor

Dress: Ruede Design from Jean Jackson Couture Couple: Felicity & Olly

Hair and Make up: Edu Algaba Rentals: Eclectic Rentals Workshop: The Nomad lovers

Veil: MoonChildBridal

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