Wanna go on an adventure with us?

We are Opi and Joy, wedding designer and wedding photographer. We met nearly seven years ago in the pretty little city of Cordoba in Andalusia. From completely distinct walks of life, we found something in each other that made our worlds join. A deep connection, an understanding, love.

In late 2014, Joy found his calling in photography and Opi found hers event design. Little did we know then how our art would grow to become us. The bond we share with our couples is the essence of our work. And being able to join forces to tell love stories means everything to us.

So we have dreamed up something extra special for 2020, but they question is, do you want go on an adventure with us?



  • Photography from sunrise to sunset

  • Thorough location hunt only the dreamiest settings for our couples

  • Organisation of all suppliers that may be needed ( florists, lighting, rentals, musicians, videographer, celebrant…)

  • Full Styling and Design concept unique, timeless and creative

  • Coordination of the entire elopement from start to finish - be the flow, be present

  • Set up and take down of all styled areas

  • A surprise adventure - Immerse yourself in the location where you will say your vows

  • Assistance with travel and accommodation

  • Our travel and accommodation expenses

  • Doesn’t include: the costs of your travel and lodging, materials used to style the elopement, fees of the extra suppliers hired.


We are offering three dreamy elopement destinations in Africa, North America and Asia.

Elopement in Mexico


ASK FOR THE PRICES in the contact form.





HOW MANY BOOKINGS DO YOU HAVE AVAILABLE? One elopement per location, so only three spots in total!

WHO IS THIS FOR? For soulful couples who are itching to go on a romantic adventure in the world’s wildest settings. To celebrate your love intimately, no guests, no formalities, just your love, meaningful moments and unforgettable experiences.

HOW MUCH WILL SUPPLIER/DECOR COSTS ADD UP TO? This all depends on the kind of Elopement you desire. Some couples want artistic floral installations for the ceremony backdrop and others depend on Earth’s natural beauty. We will talk about costs in detail during our Video chat but all three locations are very affordable in comparison to other countries.

HOW DO WE CHOOSE THE DATE? Please include all your desired dates in the contact form and we will decide on the date together depending on our availability and factors such as weather and season in your desired location

WE ARE INTERESTED - HOW CAN WE BOOK? Yesss! Please fill out the contact form with as much details as possible and we will get back to you to arrange a video call so we can get to know each other better. As we are offering a special price for a limited time only, our couples will be chosen on a first come first served basis.

We feel an eternal gratitude that our work connects us to the deepest love stories, we cannot wait to hear yours.

Opi & Joy x

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