the importante of your memories...


This is probably the most important thing you're gonna read over here...

And it's gonna take you 2 minutes to read.

I hate drama, i wanna be honest with you. I'm not a photographer for everyone, I need to connect with my couples so let's see if we fit :)

Weddings nowadays are completely different, it's always a new experience, for me there are not two weddings similar. I work with people that always became friends. People full of curiosity and love, couples who appreciated the importance of their memories.

I'm absolutely in love with my work,  I forced myself to do a limited number of weddings in order to give my couples the most personal connection possible. It's the cornerstone of my photography, when you're relaxed and cool in front of me, when you're able to see me as a friend we'll create something unique!

So if you're reading this, in a crazy sea of suppliers, I can promise you this right now, WE WIL HAVE FUN,  I'd love to know more about you both, your favourite films and your most special memories together, the things you love and the others that you hate, with those ingredients, I'll tell your story.

As I said before I'm not a photographer for everyone, I want people able to dance, kiss and have fun, couples that are not scared of being real, of being themselves and enjoy this experience! Should we start the travel?

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#How do I work?

Well, probably the most simple and difficult question at the same time. I don't do two weddings the same way. Everything is based in knowing you well. I adapt myself to your personality, if you're a bit shy I won't make you jump and get all crazy, but if you're a party animal, oh then! you will rock!.

I always work alone, because in that way I push my creativity to create your story based in your emotions, I love the intimacy in my photography, so it's obviously better when there are no more eyes than necessary  watching at  you.


#Where do I work?

I love travelling  more than anything in the world. And the cool thing is that this work had allowed me to discover couples all around the planet!. I can go wherever you have decided to get married or elope, it doesn't matter how remote you can get, I'll follow! 

I've already done wedding in these countries: USA; MÉXICO, UK, FRANCE, CHINA, ITALY and SPAIN. 


# Do you have a videographer?

No!, and I have an explanation for that!, I hate packs, I believe is way better if you hire a videographer that you love and not one that you're push by your photographer. I know dozens of amazing artist all around the world that'd be so happy to share your wedding with me. If you need some advice, shoot!!! 

#How do I deliver my work?

I love craftwork and I've created a beautifully designed wooden box where your photos will be delivered. I print some lovely fine art copies with the best moments of your wedding and a wooden usb with all the edited photos. I always add some surprises in my packaging but I cannot tell you more...

#Do we have to cover your expenses?

When I do a destination wedding I'm between 2 to 4 days outside home. It depends of where do I have to go. My couples have to pay the flights and the accommodation for those days (don't worry, I don't need a five stars hotel). But we will talk about this more calmly so you know exactly how much do you have to cover. 


#Do you have more questions?

I've tried to answer the most important questions that you may have. But if you have any other doubts or you want to know something more specific, just write to me HERE.

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